The Manchester Flower Show: Roundup

May 2021 brought lots of joy to the city of Manchester, particularly the bright blooms of the Manchester Flower Show! We showcased our floral creativity in two forms; a show-stopping Secret Garden display in St Anne's Square, leading to an effective hanging plant arch at the entrance of The Refuge's all-new terrace.

Secret Garden at St Anne's Square

flower tree
This eye-catching display delivered the finest secret garden right in the heart of Manchester city centre. We teamed up with the Kimpton and The Refuge to give passers-by a teaser of what they might expect at the next checkpoint... plants, greenery and a botanical bonanza!

Waterhouse Way at The Refuge

For those who followed the onward directions at the Secret Garden, the path led them on a journey to the amazing Waterhouse Way; The Refuge's stunning terrace. The garden features cosy lights and warming fire heaters, whilst conveniently being sheltered by a large canopy. Most exciting though, aside from the tasty food and drinks of course, is its green surroundings. This venue is a haven for plants and vibey décor!

Here we created an impressive arch made out of artificial plants of all kinds, to create an inviting entrance for guests. This green welcome set the tone for the entire experience, and the aesthetics contrasted perfectly against the iconic red brick of the building.

plant arch

A great few days was had by all. Diners and drinkers loved indulging in this hot spot over the Manchester Flower show period, and it was also wonderful to see the city blooming in vibrant flowers across all corners.