Top 5 Benefits of a Corporate Contract with Giraffe Flowers

From creativity to budgets, our latest blog tells you all the top reasons as to why a partnership with Giraffe Flowers is a bloom-in' brilliant business move.

Yellow flowers on a table

Of course, a high quality service or product is most definitely an essential element of hospitality, but the need to create a memorable experience via décor and design is SO important in the world we live in. Flowers and plants have always been a popular way to enhance a venue, but in recent years this has grown exponentially, especially with the power of Instagram and the customer's desire to photograph their experience...

With this in mind, we wanted to tell YOU, the corporate client, the benefits of enhancing your venue with a Giraffe Flowers corporate partnership. After all, why should only your customers gain?

1. Take the stress away

Keeping flowers and plants alive is one thing, but to think about creative designs or quantities is just a headache that you don't need - especially when you're trying to manage a hotel or restaurant. The answer? Us. We will take your requirements, incorporate your brand, and deliver you a fresh display of flowers and plants and set them up in all the key areas across the venue. We have great relationships with our corporate clients, and we just know what you're looking for, so rest assured you can count on us in the venue décor department.

2. Vibrance and variety

Whether your venue is quirky boutique, or luxury dining, our creative team know how to deliver the very best floral design to reflect your brand personality. You'll receive the freshest display of flowers or plants (or both) that are certain to grab your guests attention, whilst subtly complimenting the interiors.

Flowers on a table

3. Flexible with budgets

Budgets change. We get that. That's why we're able to offer a service that suits your requirements - so that could be a single bouquet on a welcome desk, or a fully decorated venue. We can provide you with a brand new display every week or two, or simply keep the maintenance rolling on the same plant. It's completely up to you.

4. Reliable service guaranteed

Our diaries are planned to a tee and we're city centre based, so you can guarantee we'll be on time, every time. Most weeks we don't even need to call you, we just crack on with the refreshes and maintenance works to make things smooth and easy for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to oversee the entire process, that's fine too. We're always at the end of a call or email - and we're here to speak to in person anytime at your venue, or our shop.

5. Send last-minute bouquets with your Corporate Account

A little extra perk that we bolt on to our Corporate Contract service is the unlimited flower ordering. Many of your hotel guests or restaurant customers may request flowers on arrival, or a surprise bouquet for a loved one - and that often falls into your hands. So that's where we come in. Just call or email us, and we'll create a Florist Choice Bouquet (or any bouquet from our shop) and send it to your venue for your chosen date/time. It's all about a service that you can trust and flowers that your guests will love. As for payment, we'll just send you a monthly invoice with your orders. Simple, easy flower delivery guaranteed.