Valentine's Day 2022

Our busiest Valentine's yet! 2022's season of love was certainly one to remember. From romantic hotel theming to 100 red rose bouquets, the team's fingers were about crippled by the 14th February (but we wouldn't have it any other way).

The product range


As well as the traditional red-rose bouquets in a variety of sizes, we revealed our special Sweet Love Bouquet to celebrate the occasion. It's an elegant combination of Roses, Lilies, Wax Flower, Mixed Eucalyptus and Fern. It went down a treat with our online orderers and passers by!

Romantic hotel vibes

What's more romantic than a night away in a luxury hotel? Team Giraffe installed many love inspired displays at our client hotels - check out this gorgeous gold vase and red rose arrangement for Dakota Manchester. Not only did we style the venues for our hotel clients, we also supplied many customer orders to the hotels such as surprise bouquets for guests, love-heart balloons and rose petals on the bed. We're all about spreading the love!

The preparation

Given how busy we were, we weren't able to get many photos of the prep. But here's some of the roses we had to get through in one go... that's just a small fraction of the supplies!

Thanks again to all our lovely customers and clients for making Valentine's Day 2022 a special one.